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February 24 - April 14

Every tattoo has a story behind it, sometimes happy and sometimes painful, but always a story. The Bible tells us that when we encounter Jesus Christ, and decide to follow Him, we receive a tattoo of a different kind, a tattoo that tells the world what we believe, who we follow, and who we love! The book of Ephesians will guide us into the incredible outcomes that happen when we are tattooed in Christ!


Get Tough

April 14 - Mary Watanabe




April 7 - Ryan Guzman



Fresh Ink

March 31 - Rod Poepping



More Than Skin Deep

March 24 - Rod Poepping



Full Sleeve

March 17 - Chris Berg



Living Visibly

March 10 - Rod Poepping



Covered In Grace

March 3 - Rod Poepping




February 24 - Rod Poepping