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Visit Mosaic Church

You’ve decided you want to visit, but you might have more questions before you show up…

No problem! If you don’t find an answer to your question below, just contact us with the form at the bottom of the page!


Do I need to wear a suit?

You don't HAVE to wear a suit, but if that's what you want to sport to church, by all means! Shorts and a t-shirt are just as good too. Whatever makes you feel comfortable!

Where do I go when I show up?

When you get to the parking lot, there is New Guest Parking right by the big round-a-bout. If you're an outnumbered parent, there are some parking spaces right next to the handicap stalls. Once you come into the church, make sure to swing by the Welcome Center!


What is there for my kids?

Mosaic Kids is the perfect place for infants through 5th Grade! Check in is on the first floor, just follow the colorful Mosaic Kids signs! There are many exciting and engaging age-appropriate activites going on. From games and toys to songs and lessons, there's something for every kid!

Our volunteers are fully resourced and have passed a background check. Safety is a huge priority at Mosaic!

If you have a student in grade 6-12, they meet from 7:00-8:30pm on Wednesdays at the church! If you need more info, please email us.

What can I expect in service?

Our service lasts approximately 70 minutes each Sunday and Monday. You can grab some delicious coffee or tea, then head into the auditorium. We begin with a couple songs, a thought-provoking message from a member of our speaking team, then we wrap up with a little bit more singing.

You can participate however you're comfortable. If you like to soak it in, do it! If you want to raise your arms and sing along, that's great!


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